The Greatest Freedom Show On Earth

Black faith, community and music take centre stage in ”The Greatest Freedom Show on Earth”, an independent documentary film about the emancipation celebrations organized by Walter Perry in Windsor, Ontario between 1936 and 1968.

The Greatest Freedom Show on Earth documentary is in production with never-before-seen audio and pictures found preserved in a basement in Windsor, and original content produced by Juno winner Anthony Seck. Footage includes a recent interview with singer Martha Reeves and never-seen-before pictures and audio of Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt, Joe Louis, Jesse Owens, the Ink Spots, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and more historical figures from the Black Community.

This independent film is in support of three organizations: the North American Black Historical Museum (Amherstburg, Ontario), the Northstar Cultural Community Centre (Windsor, Ontario), and Charles Wright Museum of African American History (Detroit, Michigan).

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